Fill up like it’s 1999: Edmonton gas prices drop again

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EDMONTON – The price of gas continued to fall across Edmonton Tuesday morning, as some stations were selling gas for $0.599 per litre.

It’s been years since Edmonton motorists filled up for below 60 cents per litre. The last time the average price of gas was below 60 cents per litre was 1999, according to Statistics Canada.

WATCH BELOW: A 1999 ITV News story shows the frustration of Edmonton drivers after the price of gas jumps to $0.599 per litre. 

Edmonton had the lowest gas price in the country on Tuesday, with the average price sitting at 62.7 cents per litre.

Calgary’s average price was $0.711 per litre, while Vancouver was considerably higher at $1.02 per litre, according to GasBuddy苏州美甲纹绣培训.

While Edmonton motorists are enjoying the savings at the gas pump, most understand the drop in gas prices is connected to the drop in oil prices which isn’t good for Alberta.

“I’d like to see them stay here but at the same time it would be good to see them go back up to probably 80 or 90,” Justin Vion said.

“I work in oil and gas so I would hope for them to go up very, very soon.”

The price of oil closed below $30 per barrel Monday night.

In January, Alberta’s unemployment rate rose to 7.4 per cent which was above the national average.



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