‘I’m going to continue to tattoo’: Calgary man disputes AHS shutdown linked to HIV risk

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A Calgary man running a home-based “Discount Tattoo” shop has posted a YouTube video in response to what he called “haters” and “insane” comments after Alberta Health Services shut down his operation, and urged any clients to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis.

“This video is in response to all of the haters …and all the hate I’ve been getting from the public on social media, 苏州美甲纹绣培训, emails, Kijiji,” said the man in the video.

“My name is Ryan Kinsella, and I’m the guy that got fined for the unlicensed tattooing.”

Dr. Judy MacDonald, Medical Officer of Health with the Calgary Zone of AHS, said Monday Kinsella’s operation didn’t have proper sterilization or sanitation processes in place, “meaning individuals who received tattoos through this operation may have been exposed to viruses, including Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.”

WATCH: A video posted to YouTube by user Ryan Kinsella, claims to be the man fined for running an unlicensed tattoo business. He responds to critics in a portion of the video above.



    Clients of Calgary tattoo shop urged to get tested for HIV

    Discount Tattoo was shut down by AHS on Jan. 28. Kinsella is not permitted to offer tattoo services while the closure order is in place.

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    But in the video, the tattoo artist claims his fine was only for carrying on a business without a valid licence.

    “I was not fined for using unsanitary equipment, I was not charged for using unsanitary equipment, I was not using unsanitary equipment,” he says in the video.

    “I have been fined for operating without a licence, not for giving people HIV, not for giving people Hep C or Hep B or you know, ruining people’s lives.”

    A screenshot from the YouTube video in which Ryan Kinsella shows what he says is a fine due to lack of business licence.


    In the video, the man identifying as Kinsella shows a drawing of a tattoo he’s about to perform on himself. He shows his Vaseline, gloves, popsicle sticks, anti-septic, and other tools, stressing that he uses them once then discards them.

    “Some people were making fun of my other mix, which is Speed Stick, Aloe Vera and hand sanitizer mix. Basically there’s nothing wrong with that. It goes on the skin, it transfers an image—ink. It doesn’t matter that I made it myself. It’s not any worse than stencil stuff.”

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    AHS said Tuesday health officials have seen the video, and said contrary to Kinsella’s claims, the operation was shut down due to a failure to meet regulations under the Public Health Act, which include “numerous concerns with sanitation and sterilization.” The closure order can be found here.

    Photos of tattoos Ryan Kinsella claims he has tattooed or is in the midst of tattooing.

    Kijiji / Ryan Kinsella

    AHS also clarified it doesn’t issue business licences, and deferred to the City of Calgary regarding Kinsella’s claims.

    “Anyone who has came to me is an adult, knows I don’t have a licence, knows I’m an apprentice, knows the equipment I’m using,” the man says in the video. “I do not deceive anyone. Everyone knows what is going on; there is no one underage, there is no one who’s been too intoxicated to know what is happening. These people are adults.

    “All those people that want to hate on me, just don’t ask me for a tattoo, then. Stay away from me. … I’m going to continue to tattoo and for all the haters, I’m not going anywhere. Keep hatin.’”

    Watch below: Calgary zone medical officer of Health Dr. Judy MacDonald provides details on the closure of a Calgary residential tattoo shop due to concerns about HIV and Hepatitis. (Feb. 8)

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