Some Calgary parking fines set to climb by about $18

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Parking illegally in Calgary could soon put a bigger pinch on your wallet.

Calgary is set to become the third priciest place in Canada to get a parking ticket.

The city’s transportation committee is considering a proposal to increase some parking tickets by about $18 per offence.

Infractions that could change are safety-related and include parking in front of a hydrant, parking too close to a crosswalk, blocking emergency lanes and driveways and more. About 30 offences are on the table for review.



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    That idea is to put city bylaws in line with provincial legislation under the Traffic Safety Act.

    “By doing so, we’re able to offer Calgarians early payment options and ensure that the money that is collected for those fines stays in Calgary, rather than going to the provincial government,” Mike Derbyshire, general manager for Calgary Parking Authority said.

    Several years ago, the city introduced a three-tiered payment system, offering a slight financial break to pay fines sooner.

    But either way, it could be a tough pill to swallow for commuters.

    “Of course I don’t like it. I don’t want to get fined any more than usual, you know?” Calgarian Cody Cyr said.

    “I paid 33 bucks just last week just for dropping [my son] there and coming back,” mother Anjue Yeadav said, on a daily trip to drop her son downtown for kindergarten.

    The city last hiked ticket prices in 2010. This move could generate an extra $500,000 for the city every year, according to officials.

    The proposal goes before the city’s transportation committee Wednesday.

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