Why do Trump supporters love The Donald?

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Last night, Donald Trump held a massive rally in a Manchester arena, just hours before the polls would open for the New Hampshire primary. Trump is hoping to avoid the kind of defeat he saw in the Iowa caucuses with a stronger campaign team on the ground.

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The results of the primary will set the tone for the rest of the presidential campaign, by giving a sense of who has momentum. Trump is hoping a win here will solidify his status as republican frontrunner, and show his critics that he has a solid base of support.

Global National spoke to Trump supporters about why they are backing the billionaire’s bid for president.

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Robin Wright travelled here from Florida, because she didn’t want to wait for Trump to visit her state.

“I think he’s going to tip Washington upside down and shake it out, and that’s good,” she said. When asked why she started supporting Trump: “He just tells it like it is, tells the truth and knows how to wheel and deal,” adding “none of us are sugar-coating anything anymore.”

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New Hampshire voters Jack and Joyce Sweeney were sitting in the stands, waiting for Trump to take the stage.

“I definitely agree with his positions,” Joyce said, while wearing a Trump toque. However, she did admit Trump’s brash language could be a problem.

“Sometimes I wish he would tweak the way it’s delivered,” she said. “I think you can give the same message, and change it a little to be a little more palatable.”

Her husband Jack believed Trump’s controversial comments were part of a strategy to win votes.

“If he does get the [Republican] nomination I believe he will back off a little on his bombast,” he said.

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Like so many in the crowd, voter Steve Crouse also liked Trump’s no-holds-barred style.

“He’s just saying a lot of the things that maybe we’re all thinking,” he explained.

When asked why Trump would make a good president, Crouse said “If we had a leader like Donald Trump I think he could make some progress in making America great again, which is what he tells us he’s going to do,” adding, “I believe him.”

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